I am an Orthodox Christian homeschooling mother of four girls, currently aged 11, 9, 7, and 5. Our family converted to Orthodoxy in 2010. In my life before getting married and becoming a mother, I earned a university degree in Early Childhood Education, and did the training for an AMI Primary certificate. I taught in private preschools with varying affiliations, among them a Reggio-Emilia program. I also worked at a small independent bookstore, which is where I met my husband, and at a wonderful backcountry camp, where I learned a little bit about self-reliance. I have tried to be open about my lifelong struggles with the black dog, in hope that others will gain courage from my experience. My father is Korean; he was adopted from Korea and raised here, in the United States. My mother is white. I have complicated feelings about being bi-racial, which I think is par for the course.

I feel blessed to have you here, and welcome conversation! Feel free to contact me.