Homeschooling Resources

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Some of the writing that has informed and given me confidence as a homeschooler. Some of it is pretty manifesto-y, so use your common sense, take what you like and leave the rest.

Some general resources we have used/are using:

  • Ray’s Arithmetic: a little teacher-intensive, you could just as well use any old math workbook, but these are inexpensive and can be purchased once and used with all of your children. Do get the set with the teacher guides.
  • Family Math: a nice way to extend math activities if you feel like you need to.
  • Math Mammoth: again, inexpensive, and there are lots of extra practice sheets available. The questions are similar to what your children will see on a standardized test, if they have to take them.
  • Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons: a complete language arts program, really. You can use these over several years and with multiple children as well. Elementary school language arts, done. Again, go ahead and spring for the teacher’s guides, which are partly annoying (skip that) and partly helpful. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which parts are which. The girls love theirs.
  • Spelling Power: again, the girls love their spelling lessons. I am very low-pressure here, but it’s fun to spend five minutes or so taking spelling tests.
  • How to Teach Children Shakespeare: the girls love Shakespeare, partly due to this book. It gives you a nice way to talk to your kids about Shakespeare, and an easy little method for memorizing it that I wish I had used in my drama days.
  • Children’s Book House books compiled by Olive Beaupré Miller: we found ours at a library sale, but I have seen/picked up copies at secondhand stores and Powell’s. It’s a lovely little set; the selections included are all excellent, and there is often a musical accompaniment suggested.
  • Books books books books

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